Why is it called VOLKER and why should it be funky?

A few years ago we found this old model of a HOHNER melodica with the name VOLKER on the case. We painted it green and suddenly it became funky!

Why is it free?

Although you can download the software without paying money, I expect you to give me a little feedback by participating on the Google spreadsheet poll. Consider the instrument as "Tradeware": you get a decent sample library and I get feedback for my bachelor thesis.

Can I run the instrument with the free KONTAKT PLAYER?

No, unfortunately this is not possible. You need the full version.

Can I run the instrument with earlier versions of KONTAKT?

No, since the new functions of KONTAKT 4.04 like the AET filter or extended scripting possibilities are strongly featured, there is no backward compatibility.

There is no sound coming out the VOLKER except for weird noises!!!

If you ever have played a real melodica (or any other wind instrument), you certainly recognized you have to blow air in it to get sound out of it. VOLKER works the same way: if you don't blow in your breath controller, you won't produce any sound except for noises.

Well, I don't have a breath controller. Am I able to play the funky VOLKER anyway?

Yes, there is a simple Learn Button so you can choose your favourite midi controller. Nevertheless, you need at least a modulation wheel. Just be aware: without a breath controller, you don't get the funky VOLKER, you only get the VOLKER...